101 Small Business Funding Ways

101 Small Business Funding Ways:

Small business or home based business is the spine of economy and this is the reason that lot of money is granted every year for starting up a small business.

Business Loan – Which One to Choose?

Some of the common types of business loans that can help one establish a small business are:

Long Term Loans – These are the general loans that can be used as business funding source in most of the cases. One requires repaying these loans on monthly basis in the shape of an easy installment or according to the terms agreed by financial institutions.

Short Term Loans – These types of loans need to be repaid in 1 year or at end of the term instead of making any monthly payments.

Loan Against Equipment – This type of loan is simpler to acquire as compared to the other business funding options. In this, one just needs to stake the equipment of ones business and not the personal property or entire business.

Essentials of Loan Borrowing

Applying and obtaining business funding needs some thorough preparations. The below mentioned are key documents that are required to obtain business funding successfully and comfortably.

  • Financial Statements such as P & L statement, balance sheet and tax returns need to be in hand.
  • Monthly basis estimate of cash flow have to be made.
  • An ideal business plan is an integral component that leads to easy funding.
  • Personal profile of decision makers like top management has to be included in documentations.

Accuracy and thoroughness of these documents is a must for borrowing a loan successfully. There are various agencies and organizations from which the funding for small business can be acquired namely, banks, venture capitals, SBA (Small Business Administration) and many more. A comprehensive business plan can make funding easier and a bit faster.

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