365 Small Business Ideas

365 Small Business Ideas:

The independence, the sense of achievement, the uncapped potential. Ever dreamed of starting your own business?

In our new Internet connected word, there’s never being more opportunity to take control of your aspirations and become your own boss.

Below are 365 small business ideas to inspire you. Of course, all the ideas listed are not for everyone, you may be more of a birdhouse builder than an online marketeer but you can be sure there’s something you’re good at that can make you money, your own money.

Investment, experience and training may be needed in some case, a bit of practical hands on training for others but some you could start right now…..what are you waiting for.

List of 365 Small Business Ideas

Online transcription services Photograph Restorer Portrait photographer X-Ray photographer Romantic gesture coordinator Wedding singer Children’s party entertainer Honey trapper Jewellery maker T Shirt designer Greeting card designer Gardener Dog walker Dog groomer Home maintenance Interior designer Ebay seller Custom tour operator Eco taxi tandem Rent-a-chef Nutritional consultant Mobile IT support Mobile Computer doctor Online PA services Laundry services Candle maker Valet Bumper sticker designer Airport taxi Videographer Resume builder Garden maintenance services Landscape designer Mobile snack bar service Furniture restorer Carpet cleaning services House sitter Furniture removal service Occasion cake baker Personal shopper Family history researcher Home movie editor Self defence tutor Web designer Search engine marketer Affiliate marketer Life coach Curtain maker Local speed dating business Bicycle repair Babysitting Business coach Medical & legal transcription services Herb grower Freelance on sites such as oDesk & eLance Soft toy maker Wooden toy maker Home brewery Custom fancy dress maker Life advice coach Masseuse Picture framing service Mobile hairdresser Mobile nail technicians VHS media – DVD transfer service Remodelling services Pet portrait artist Personalised gift producer Rainbow chaser tours Mystery shopper Pet sitter Product testers Calendar producer Illustrator Event tent hire Teach languages Pushbike courier service Greeting card verse writer Event organiser Event invitation designer Bicycle tours Karaoke machine hire Leaflet printing business Beekeeper Pub quiz organiser Crossword solving hotline operator Pet outfit maker Buy and sell used furniture Historic location tours Picture frame maker Event refrigerator hire Ice cream van Dating web site Make crafts from natural products Organise local business networking events Buy and sell domain names Mail order erotic accessories Crazy golf course designer Personal shopper Local area tours Ghost tour operator Sandwich maker Relationship advice hotline Flyer distribution service Rickshaw taxi rider Yoga retreat organiser Apron ,maker Custom Play list generator Flyer distributor Weekly custom food delivery service Golf equipment hire Motorbike taxi Milliner Ring-Bring local collection and delivery service Tailoring services Demolition services Wildlife photographer Doll clothing maker Journal maker Flower arranger Private detective Specialist recruitment consultant Coffee shop owner Custom gift basket producer Personal gift finder Property developer Pushchair/pram customiser Courier service T-shirt design business (café press) Face painting Start an over phone unmanned journal transcription service Home cinema hire services Distribution/fulfilment warehouse Specialist tutor Decorative glassmaker Vintage clothing seller Storywriter for magazines B&B proprietor Banner ad designer Dog breeder Agency for entertainers Business coach Dial-a-concierge Horse riding school Maternity wear maker Fashion accessories seller Kids clothing website Homemade food local deliveries Fiction writer Website selling items with images of cute animals Market researcher Bag and purse customiser Lifestyle coach Day care nursery Online local video business directory Freelance PR strategist Blog about something you love and take advantage of affiliate marketing Antique dealer Domain name buyer Linguist? Become a translator Holiday home swap website Hybrid taxi service Kitchenware website Vintage home wares seller Mailbox designer House clearance service Baby nursery decorator Knitting craft maker Supply trade items (such as beads for jewellery makers) Dog kennel designer Birdhouse custom designer Divorce party organiser Bookbinder service Unusual clock maker Chocolate maker Clothes making classes Occasion wear rentals Career advisor Eco product developer Organic baby food produce Senior care local services On-call flat pack furniture constructor Online directory founder Quilt maker Brain gym classes Fancy/Vintage clothing rental Weight loss buddy Unusual Gift finder Freelance forum poster Trophy/Award designer Fortune-teller Image consultant Clothing advisor (via web cam) Pampering business House name and number maker Sound effect collector Star gazing event coordinator Unusual locations mobile restaurant Stress relief centre (A place to smash things!) Property finding service Paparazzi photographer Health juice deliveries Dream dictation hotline operator Chauffer DIY advice hotline Battle re enactment organiser Watch and clock repairs Car maintenance services Trend spotter Window cleaner Home technology advisor Organic food deliveries Money saving advisor Bouncy castle hire Investment advisor Local business health food lunchtime delivery Unusual crafts website Exquisite food caterer Homebuyer’s consultancy Travel agent specialising in large groups Pool cleaning services Gold plating service Opulent event coordinator Source and supple lost instruction manuals Start a pet share company High-end pet jewellery maker Custom screensaver producer Shoe customiser Custom coffin decorator House painter Online ezine writer Toy designer Professional competition entrant Mobile coffee deliveries Pet taxi services Poetry event organiser Audio book voice over artist Independent publisher Seed and plant bulb mail order service Insect breeder for film & TV hire Rare plant/flower provider Mural painter Social networking application developer Kiss-o-gram Ironing service Mail order pet supplies Tree house builder Wake up call & chat provider Kite maker Mobile garden produce upkeep service Toy swap & sell event organiser Baby shower gifts website Office organiser Music and Film download service Resell working electrical components from broken electrical items Events musical performer organisation Screen-printing services Graffiti artist Graffiti removal service Plumbing services Decorating service provider Tool rental business Carpet cleaner Treasure hunt coordinator New product inventor Advertising on beach imprinter Escort business Custom rubber stamp maker Musical instrument rental Storage space rental Children’s book illustrator Boat cleaner Online proofreading services Ghost-writer Camera equipment rental Web page content provider Golf coach Swimming tutor Home organiser Import export services Local babysitting referral website Marketing copywriter Used bookseller Mini bus and coach hire business Independent driving instructor School run drop off and collection service Cosmetic sales agent Doll maker Online researcher Energy saving consultant Recycled products business Write a quiz book Taxidermist business Wine taste & buy club Custom scrap booking Bookmark designer Text driving instruction business Personalised travel guide Internet training services Elite pet bed designer Mobile advertising driver House moving services Educational film producer Recipe book writer Local business telephone answering service Pub quiz text answer provider Topiary services Comedy night organiser Band promoter Disability product website Locksmith services Hire out fitness equipment Branding consultant Garden gnome designer Climbing instructor Small pet breeder Jam and pickle maker Unusual or novelty car hire business Custom children’s storywriter Custom poetry writer Make up artist Local after school club organiser Soap maker Car breaking service Mobile DJ Hot air balloon rides Bungee jumping mobile crane Furniture rental business Arcade game hire Custom corporate gift supplier Rent out pool and casino tables for events Local restaurant review database Jewellery restorer Trailer hire service Custom home storage unit designer Beauty therapist Perfume maker Tropical fish breeder Rent-a-hug Local news reporter Film reviewer Chicken breeder Walking holiday organiser Bodyguard Unusual experience coordinator Hairstylist Rent out caravan for holiday market Text message ‘answer any question’ service Difficult decision helpline Birdcage builder Flea market trader Hammocks and outdoor leisure website Large barbecue hire service Educational toy website Soft furnishing website Create innovative online marketing campaigns Write a storybook Source and sell vintage car parts Buy, restore and re-sell old radios Mobile mechanic Local are beauty spot photographer Pest controller Model making services Landscaping services Photograph scanner service

To help you research your potential business in the first instance, a really useful product is the Google Adwords Reseach tool.


If you were trying to decide whether there is a greater public demand for, say, Occasion Cakes or Doll houses, just type the terms one at a time into Google Adwords Research tool, the data shown should give you an idea of the demand for that particular service. If the monthly search results are under a hundred, then maybe the business doesn’t have much mileage, if the results are in the thousands, congratulations, you might be onto a winner.

This of course is only the very first step but once you’ve chosen your dream business, there are literally thousands of online resources and organisations to help you along the way; often you will find the quality advice is absolutely free through business forums and blogs. So, whether your interested in simple business know-how, building your business plan, financial advice or help with a marketing plan, all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Hallelujah for the Internet.

After owning and managing small to medium businesses for over 18 years Tammy Love is Ms Small Biz -- she has a love/hate relationship with business! She knows first hand that it is really exciting to grow something and provide the best possible service/product for customers but yet it can also be tiring, hard and down right exhausting! She also knows how lonely that it can be being a business owner. She is using her website | Facebook page and Twitter to help others achieve their dream of starting or getting through the beast that is small business!

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