I’m Tammy Love.

Tammy Love

I’m Tammy Love also known as MsSmallBiz.

I give YOU the Master Key to the day where you can spend time with your family, your little ones while they are still young and still be that confident successful business owner that you have always dreamed of being.

(Because as you work towards becoming that present parent AND confident business owner that is your birthright the last thing you need is to be unhappy, stressed, overwhelmed, and guilty for not spending the time you should with your kids when they need you the most.)

This Master Key also helps you to…

  • Become a calmer and happier parent
  • Build confidence in yourself as a business leader
  • Spend more time with your little ones when they need you the most
  • Have your business running like a well-oiled machine
  • Be there for your family at special events without worrying if the business is ok
  • Take back control of your business and reduce the chaos

Before I tell you more let me tell me say that I have been where you are … starting a small business to be there for my babies rather than go back to the workforce AND wanting to build a financial future for my family.

But… (I’m willing to bet)… you are feeling resentful and guilty of the time that the business is taking you away from your babies.

Sound familiar?

Want to know how I know this? I have been there too … 

14 years ago I was at breaking point.

Tammy with Kids

My youngest son had been up half the night sick. I had a huge to do list and emails the length of my arm … but I needed to be there for my baby.

Emails had been missed, invoices not been paid, and I had a tone of work at home to catch up on. 

It was 6am on a Wednesday in October 2003 and I did not want to get out of bed.

What was I doing??

I had gone into business to have this flexibility to be there for my boys when they needed me but I was feeling guilty and resentful of the business and all the stuff that I had to do. It was a recurring cycle of getting on top of things and then falling back down when something wasn’t perfect.

I remember thinking should I just give the business up and get a “normal” job like other mums. Wasn’t that more structured and secure?

That was me in 2005 12 years ago. I can now say as my boys are almost all grown up that I am SO glad that I didn’t do that…

I ended up selling that business for multiple six figures after employing up to 55 employees by that time. 

Over the next 12 years I learned a lot about employing people and made some big mistakes which I share in my programs.

I don’t want you going through that … right?

To put it simply … employing the right people will get you out of overwhelm and back into living the life you wanted before the business grew.

And that’s what I do with you. I help you setup your employment system correctly so you can up-level your entire business — in a way that supports your family and your financial future … guiltfree! 

Who Am I and How Can I Help You?

I’ve got the credentials (which I will talk about more in a sec) but more importantly I have the experience.

My method is a step by step, simple to setup process 

This process can be duplicated anywhere, in any industry … I have used it in many industries and it is just a process like providing any other service or producing any other product. 

Once it is done … it’s done!

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I have seen my clients go from massive to do lists and working 80 hours a week (with small babies at home ☹ to being confident business leaders that are happier and calmer parents. 

Nothing makes me happier than knowing their little ones will be getting the time they need with their parents when it is most essential. 

You know how critical those first 5 years of a child’s life are right??

So, here’s those credentials …

Tammy Love
  • Over 17 years in business – leading the teams, growing the businesses and systemising the processes 
  • As a business owner, I have started the admin, payroll and bookkeeping processes for multiple businesses and I have set up the systems and went on to train other staff to complete the work to allow more time for me to work on the business
  • Diploma of Management, Certificate IV in Human Resources and Certificate IV in Financial Services and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Most of the industries that I have been in are high in compliance and risk and therefore require a considered and precautionary approach to handing over processes. I consider and review the risk in everything that I do before making any decisions 

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