Incorporating A Small Business

Incorporating A Small Business

Incorporating a business can be very beneficial in more ways than one. First, it gives protection to the people who run the business against any case or lawsuit. Incorporation also can provide for several tax benefits and government exceptions. Contrary to popular belief, it is not too hard to incorporate a small business. You can actually do it on your own if you just follow the steps below as guided for you.

First is to look on what state you would like to have your incorporation. It is recommended that you choose states that have corporation’s laws that work on your favor. Examples of such as Nevada and Delaware.

Next, Visit the secretary of state’s website and there online you will find the guideline for incorporating a sb. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines so you fully understand the process.

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The third step is to do a corporate name search. Incorporating a sb means that you choose a corporate name that is unique and has not yet been used. Already taken names can no longer be duplicated. You have to be creative and individualistic.

Following this you can now decide on the form of corporation that you will be applying for. There are different types such as C or an S corporation. The S corporation avoids the double tax system and the Limited Liability Company are one of the few mostly preferred by small businesses.

Download the form from the secretary of state’s website and fill it up completely. Write down the registered office and he registered agent. Your corporation name should already have been decided by now. Write your incorporation articles for your business.

Now you will have to file the articles to the secretary of state. There will be a filing fee that you will be paying for. The state secretary’s website will show you the procedure on how to file.

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