MasterCard Business

MasterCard Business

Why MC Business, what’s difference does it make if I use other card for my business?

Well, MC Business card is an internationally accepted, recognized, reliable and professional companion for doing business anywhere in the world. It can be used to pay in department stores, service providers, restaurants which have a display of a MasterCard logo, in renting a car or reserving a hotel room, and withdraw any ATN machines whenever there is one in sight.

If you’re using a MC Business, it carries with it a travel insurance which gives you more convenience on your business trips. It comes with medical, baggage and cancellation and curtailment insurance coverage for you the card holder.

One of the benefits you as a cardholder can avail is an interest-free credit of up to 50 days; payment for credit card transactions made during the month takes place on the 20th day of the following month, which gives you a 50-day interest-free payment period.

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However, every 10th day of each month, they will send you an invoice by mail listing the transactions made during the previous month. Your current account shall be debited automatically for the amount.

MC Business is likewise considered as a credit and debit card, it can be used to withdraw cash from any cash machines. Giving the holder total access to your credit limit, withdrawals you have been made will be posted to your current account immediately and will not be considered as part of the used credit.

On the other hand, MC Business creates working capital with a competitive-rate card for your small business. You’ll also get additional cards for your employees, at no extra cost giving you complete control over their spending limits. The MC Business features no annual fee, and a 0% introductory annual percentage rate (APR).

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