Small Business Admin

Small Business Admin

Why is the small business admin role so vital? Actually, more often than not, we do not usually see the immediate necessity of the administrative role. We tend to focus so much on the details of our specific work when it comes to the business that we usually merely get a microscopic view of the business. Having an admin makes sure that the business is looked after from a macro perspective. From an enlarged view, it takes into consideration not only that area where you are focused on at your work but those other areas where the other employees are focused at.

An really efficient admin assistant can create excellent structure and standards when it comes to running a business. It sets the parameters and the framework of how things ought to be done. Without which, the whole business could come crumbling down and usually does (look at small business statistics).

An admin assistant is really indispensable even if you are just starting out in business. There are many virtual assistants who work from their home and you don't even need to find them office space. Where else are you going to look into keeping all your records straight and the paperwork done? This is usually seen as the back office job but in reality, without the back office, the front office could not function efficiently.

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Business owners who want to cut costs in their business generally want to cut the admin position first as they see it as a waste of money, time and effort. But in the long run they will see that the only thing that keeps a business together is its strict and efficient compliance with standards set by the administrative assistant.

Would you really want to keep working for a company whose standards are below par?

I know that I wouldn't and most employees feel the same. It makes them feel insecure in their role with the company if the administration is not under control. I highly recommend that you ensure your admin systems are well under control and organised by an efficient staff member as most business people don't have the time to commit such attention to detail.

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