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Top 10 Small Business Books:

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Author: Stephen R. Covey

Description : Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, outlines the top seven habits of the most successful people. It challenges the reader to make the changes needed to live a fulfilling and successful life. This small business book - The 7 Habits encourages the reader to recognize the obstacles he is placing in his path to success. The first three Habits require personal reflection and attainable change. The remaining four Habits, although harder to achieve, provide renewal both in self and in personal relationships. Covey's book is one of the backbones of the entrepreneurial bookshelf and has been known to be required reading for some of the most successful companies of all time.

Retail Price : $15.95

2. Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

Author: Peter Hupalo

My number 2 small business book, Thinking Like An Entrepreneur by Peter I. Hupalo is an all-inclusive guide to choosing, starting and growing a successful business. Hupalo guides the reader through 27 chapters of learning how to make sound business decisions. He emphasizes choosing the right business based on the owner's personality, making wise financial decisions and growing the business into a profitable entity. Thinking Like An Entrepreneur breaks down the steps to success in manageable sections and discusses each in depth. Hupalo recognizes the avenue of consulting, both online and on location, in the book and devotes a chapter to that option of entrepreneurship as well. Thinking Like An Entrepreneur is an essential reader for those considering becoming an entrepreneur.

Retail Price : $22.95

3. Marketer's Toolkit: The 10 Strategies You Need to Succeed

Author: Harvard Business Essentials

Description : Harvard Business Essentials' Marketer's Toolkit: The 10 Strategies You Need to Succeed offers a comprehensive look at seizing on marketing opportunities to help small businesses grow. Readers will learn how to conquer everything from advertising campaigns to promotional sales to launching new products. An indepth discussion on the importance of market research and strategies for incorporating the results are also included. Tips for identifying customers, international marketing and Internet advertising are all discussed with practical, hands-on suggestions for implementation. Although a more general discussion of marketing than some books, the Marketer's Toolkit offers sound advice and strategies for every entrepreneur.

Retail Price : $24.95

4. Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business

Author: Steve Mariotti

My no. 4 small business book Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business by Steve Mariotti may be one of the most expensive books in an entrepreneur's library, but it is also one of the most useful. Mariotti discusses the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit during tough economic times and the affects it has on the community. The development of a solid business plan is highly stressed throughout the book and a cornerstone of Mariotti's teachings. It is a terrific book for the new entrepreneur or anyone considering going into business. Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business is often required reading for business classes in colleges.

Retail Price : $134.00

5. The Big Book of Small Business: You Don't Have to Run Your Business by the Seat of Your Pants

Author: Tom Gegax and Phil Bolsta

Description : With entrepreneurial strategies derived from years of business ownership and experience, Tom Gegax shares his wisdom in The Big Book of Small Business: You Don't Have to Run Your Business by the Seat of Your Pants. Gegax shares anecdotal stories and how they influenced his approach to running his businesses. The “how-to” style of the book gives readers practical advice, as well as, insight into the challenges and rewards of starting a new business. Readers come away from the book with ideas for becoming better leaders and more successful business owners. The Big Book of Small Business is an essential addition to the small business bookshelf.

Retail Price : $29.95

6. Small Business for Dummies

Author: Eric Tyson and Jim Schnell

No. 6 Small business book - Small Business for Dummies by Eric Tyson and Jim Schell is a great, simple book for getting started as a small business owner. It addresses basic questions about business in a straight-forward manner. From the types of business ownership to finding a product or service, Small Business for Dummies guides the reader through the important first decisions when considering becoming an entrepreneur. What it lacks in specifics, the book makes up for in general resource data. It will not be the only book on the small businessman's shelf, but it does provide a solid, comprehensive start for anyone debating a business venture.

Retail Price : $21.99

7. Start Your Own Business

Author: Rieva Lesonsky

Description : Start Your Own Business by Rieva Lesonsky has been hailed as the only book a perspective entrepreneur may need. That claim may be debatable, but the sheer quantity of information contained between the covers make it an invaluable resource. Start Your Own Business addresses the fundamentals of starting a business while giving the reader options to consider along the way. Lesonsky discusses how to secure financing, employee relations, marketing and branding along with other topics that must be considered at the inception of any business. Although sometimes focused on the nitty-gritty, Start Your Own Business is a useful and comprehensive volume of business basics as one gets ready to begin a new venture.

Retail Price : $24.95

8. Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

This small business book written by Napoleon Hill may well be regarded as one of the grandfathers of motivational thinking with his bookThink and Grow Rich. Originally published in 1937, Think and Grow Richand has sold over 15 million copies since its first publication. In the book Hill explores the principles and ethics of millionaires to discover what makes one successful. He guides the reader through stories from the likes of Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie to help develop a clearer picture of how success can be measured and achieved. The book is compact in size, but delivers a powerful message to generations of all ages.

Retail Price : $5.99

9. Guerrilla Marketing

Author: Jay Conrad Levinson

My no. 9 small business book - Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson is one of the essential tools to have in the small business toolbox. Using simple, yet effective strategies, Levinson educates the entrepreneur about the world of marketing. The importance of customer contact, ideas for campaigns, and developing keen focus on the desired outcome are all critical steps in Guerrilla Marketing. The language in the book is forceful and provides no sugar coating, but Levinson's tactics have been proven over time and are highly successful. If there is only room for one marketing book in the small business library,Guerrilla Marketing is the one to have.

Retail Price : $14.95

10. The Momentum Effect

Author: J.C. Larreche

No. 10 small business book - Only available in digital or hardcover until the spring of 2010, The Momentum Effect by J.C. Larreche has already proven to be one of the most effective and insightful books for small business in recent years. Larreche draws on his own experiences in the business world to address the issues of growth and profit. The Momentum Effect discusses the importance of moving forward, growing a business and doing it all in a profitable way. The cyclical nature of product development and customer involvement and why it is a critical component to a company's long term success is the crux behind Larreche's theories. The Momentum Effect is a welcome addition to the small businessman's bookshelf.

Retail Price : $29.99

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