Small Business Network

Small Business Network

We hear a lot these days about all types of networks. It is even taught early on in school about the basic types of networks. In more recent times however, we are flooded with new types of networks, and new ways of using such networks due to the computer age. We often think that when we want a network, we just connect all the available computers to the Internet, and then they are all freely connected. If you are small business however, this isn’t the most viable option. There is a better choice that is seemingly less obvious to those unfamiliar with networks. This is the basic network that can be created between computers.

This network usually used by a single office, more often in small business, is simple a self created connection via wires between the computers in the same office. Now you may be wondering why this is more advantageous than just connecting them all to the internet. We can start with connecting internet as starting point. It is expensive to connect every individual computer to the Internet, you will be paying a bill for each computers connection. With your own network however, you can actually just make one or two computers connect to the Internet. If properly set up, your small business network can then already connect to the Internet as well, saving you a good deal of money.

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Aside from all being able to access the internet, the computers within the network can freely share music, videos, documents, and other files without having to upload it on the Internet, or use a USB flash drive. It will take once again proper syncing, but it saves the hassle of uploading, or leaving your seat to pass around that flash drive.

There are many more advantages to using this basic network. The more recent operating systems make it possible to set it all up on your own. I still suggest however letting a professional handle it for your small business.

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