Small Business Plan Outline

Small Business Plan Outline

An outline for a Small Business Plan is just like a flexible document that ensures the growth of ones business by meeting organization’s goal. It provides a road to run the business smoothly and also allows changing the direction of the business when required.

The basic elements of SB Plan are as follows:

• Cover Sheet.

• Executive Summary.

• The Business – This consists of description, competition, operating procedures and the personnel data.

• Financial Data –This consists of loan applications, balance sheet and the P&L Statements.

• Supporting Papers/Documents: - These are personal economic statements, intent letters from various suppliers and the copy of all the legal documents.

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Various sections of small business plan outline

1. Introductory Part

  • Gives a complete explanation of the business as well as goals of the business.
  • Discusses about the possession and authorized structure of the business.
  • Discusses the benefits of ones business over other competitors in the niche.

    2. Marketing

  • Discusses about the products and the services.
  • Contains Identification of customer demand for product as well services of the product.
  • Contains complete Identification of market, locations and its size.
  • Explains the ways via which marketing can be done.

    3. Financial Management.

  • Explains the source of capital amount.
  • Maintains an operating budget monthly for the first year.
  • Creates expected return on the invested money and also develop cash flow monthly.
  • Discusses balance sheet and compensation methods.
  • Discusses how the accounting records will be maintained

    4. Operations.

  • Explains the day to day activities of business.
  • Explains the hiring, personnel procedure.
  • Discusses rental agreements, insurance and other issues related to the business.
  • Explains about the production, delivery of products and services.

    5. Concluding Statement.

  • Summarizes the goals of the business and gives statement to make the business successful.

    Use these methods to create the best business outcome.

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