Small Business Success Stories

We all love small business success stories!

What do you think makes a successful business?

I have just moved to a new area and I noticed a really big difference in the quality of customer service as there is a lot more competition in this highly populated area.

Why do I think they are successful?

  • Their customers are king [or queen :)]

  • They know their customers and they give them solutions to their problems

  • They are really good at building relationships with their customers

    These small businesses know their customers, they give them what they want, their build relationships with them and they give them solutions.

    Simple really .... Do you think?

    Hmmm it's not simple for a lot of people ... maybe that's why these people don't succeed?? What do you think?

    I would love to hear your ideas about what it takes to be a successful business - you can leave your comments below.

    I would also like to share with you my 3 local small business success stories: 1. Zen Chi Natural Therapies and Beauty A total natural therapy and beauty business.

    Small but fantastic in the experience that they create for their customers.

    They keep customers updated through Facebook, they provide a wide range of services and are open really flexible hours!

    A really great business ... click here to visit them

    2. ProActive Chiropractic Similarly a great experience for customers and Brett Skilton is really focussed on helping his customers.

    Marketing is great and he provides newsletters and other advice to help customers. Click here to visit them >>

    3. A Beauty Experience Based in Brisbane the beauty experience is as it says "A Beauty Experience"

    Great customer service, staff and helps of services available.

    The experience really is beautiful from beginning to end .... Try the experience here >>

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