Starting a Small Business Plan

Starting a small business plan overview:

Writing a small business plan is basic and the essential first step for starting a successful small business. A plan is most helpful for determining your weaknesses and strengths as well as the opportunities and threats for the business. An ideal small business plan includes executive summary, market analysis, overview of the company and the operational procedures to meet the standards of the businesses goals.

How to present a Small Business Plan

The business plan should be typed properly making sure that there are no errors. After writing the smallbiz plan, you need to proofread it [and get someone else to proofread it if possible] and if there is any changes to be made the changes should be completed while proofreading it.

The information in a small business plan should be presented in a logical order that should easily flow from one topic to another. It should include a content table, appendixes and index listing.

You can present your plan in a simple design along with a cover sheet but it will be more impressive if it is printed in professional design and is presented in a portfolio.

Key Elements of Small Business Plan

Executive Summary – This section appears first but it is written last and basically summarises the elements of whole small business plan.

The Industry – It contains information concerning the industry like products and its services and facts like estimated sales, etc.

Market Analysis – This section contains information about the analysis of the targeted market including demographics, market needs, financials and required funds.

Competitive Analysis – This contains information about your competitors in the targeted market and information about how you plan to compete with the competitors.

Marketing Plan – This section contains the detailed summary of pricing plan, promotional activities, proposed advertising and sales strategy etc.

The various other key elements that should be present in small business plan are management plan, financial plan and operating plan etc.

In conclusion, small business plan are an absolute necessity when starting a successful small business to ensure that you meet your business goals.

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