Tips for Small Business Online Marketing

Tips for Small Business Online Marketing Overview:

Are you looking for tips for small business online marketing to use for your own small business? There are actually hundreds of them, but compiled below are some of the most basic ones that most small business owners can make use of.

Why are you putting up a website for your small business? What is the point of creating a page?

The answers to these questions will probably be along the same line as “because I want more people to know that my business exists.” From there, you can decide what information you will include and post to your site --- your business address, contact numbers, e-mail address, product/service catalogue, an explanation of what your business is all about, and so on.


What should you do once the website is up and running?

As a small business owner, you should regularly update your website or page. There should be a section where you can make announcements of latest sales or promotions, or other events that your customers might want to check out. Uploading photos of your merchandise or some on-the-job activities might also spark potential customers’ interests.

Doing this everyday or several times a week will relay the message that your small business is active and dynamic, and people will tend to be more curious and may start to make inquiries.


How would you know how your website is doing?

There are website applications out there that provide analytical data on the traffic that your small business webpage gets. They can provide information on how many visitors your site gets each day, where they come from, what they look at on your website, and how many minutes they stay on the page. These statistics can tell you if it is time to do something more or acquire other small business online marketing strategies. One good example of this tool is Google analytics, which is offered for free and highly recommended to small business owners.

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