Top 10 Small Business Ideas 2013

Top 10 small business ideas 2013:

Looking for some inspiration to start a small business? Here are some of my favourites:

1.       Cleaning Services for Homes

As everyone is getting busier and busier the need for home cleaners in is ever increasing. Not many people like to clean their house – they would prefer to spend time doing things that they like to do and outsource services such as cleaning. If you are someone who likes to clean then you can make a good little business out of residential cleaning services.

What would you need to start a small business in cleaning houses? A good knowledge of cleaning products, ability to hire good quality staff, understanding of great cleaning procedures.

2.       Delivery Services

Once again as people get busier they are wanting products delivered to them. The online market is huge and eBay is becoming bigger. There will always be room for a small business to work their way into this large market if you are willing to give exceptional customer service. You will also need to do some sales and marketing initially to build your market.

What would you need to start a small business in delivery services? A car, good knowledge of the delivery area and a GPS.

3.       Blogging

If you have something that you are really passionate about such as a hobby or your work you could start a blog. A blog can become very lucrative but you need to be passionate about what you are writing about otherwise you just won’t stay motivated. There are bloggers that are earning $1000 - $15000 per month so there is plenty of potential to make a full time income out of it if you stay motivated. There are a number of things that you need to learn about when blogging such as Webhosting, CMS, SEO, Domain and there are plenty of other things that you will learn about along the way but it is a very interesting small home based business.

What would you need to start a small business in blogging? Internet connection, computer/tablet/phone, good understanding of the English language and a passion for what you are writing about.

4.       Computer Repairs

The internet and use of computers is increasing dramatically every year so it only stands that people are going to need the assistance of computer repairers more and more. If you have a passion for computers and understanding their intricacies then maybe this is a business for you. This business also has the potential to be either run from home as a mobile business or a home office that customers visit or a commercial store.

What would you need to start a small business in computer repairs? If you are mobile you will need a car and a GPS, strong computer skills in hardware and debugging.

5.       eBay store

Did you know that out of every 10 people that have used the internet 6 of them have bought or sold something on eBay? EBay is big business and if you have the ability to buy things low and sell them high on eBay maybe you should consider starting an eBay store and trading products.

What would you need to start a small business using an eBay store? Computer, internet connection, the ability to negotiate product prices.

6.       Virtual Assistants

Do you have a background in administration? Maybe a virtual assistance service could be a small business that you could start. This is a business that you can start and run entirely from home. You need to have good organising and word processing skills and it is really cheap to setup. Some online businesses can’t afford full time administrative staff so they are hiring virtual assistant to take care of their administrative tasks.

What would you need to start a small business in virtual assistance? Computer, internet connection, word processing skills, organisational skills and possibly a website to attract customers

7.       Personal Trainer

Personal training is big business as everyone becomes more health and fitness conscious. If you have an interest in helping others improve their lives maybe you could become a PT. This is a business that can also be run from home but you would need to meet clients at a park or beach to train them or you can become an associate of a gym and train your clients there.

What would you need to start a small business in personal training? Fitness equipment, strong knowledge of health and fitness, the Certificate IV in Fitness and the ability to motivate others.

8.       Consultancy

Do you have excellent knowledge in a particular area? Maybe you could consult to a number of companies rather than work for one in a 38 hour week. Start-up costs are minimal as you are training others in your knowledge or delivering a service using your knowledge.

What would you need to start a small business in consultancy? Excellent knowledge in your area of expertise, a formal qualification in the area that you are working in and the ability to pass information on to others.

9.       Web Designer

There are huge demands for web designers because almost every business has a website. If you have a good understanding of how websites work and how to set one up maybe you could start your own small business in web designing. Apart from making money setting up websites you can also design wordpress themes to make additional income.

What would you need to start a small business in web designing? Computer, internet, and a formal qualification in design (is preferable).

10.       Event management

Managing events is becoming a growing industry as companies outsource their events to others. Companies don’t usually have the expertise to manage an event themselves so this is something that you could start if you have some contacts in industry. Events could include award ceremonies, staff morale building, Christmas parties and more. You may need some capital to start this small business but it will be worth it.

What would you need to start a small business in event management? Industry contacts, party supplies and a formal qualification in event management (is preferable).

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