My Top 5 Unique Home Based Small Business Ideas

There are so many unique home based small business ideas that have been started by really ordinary people with a passion and a great idea and thinks “it would be really great if there was one of those”. Those people go on to patent that idea and follow through to create that product or service and become really successful.

Me? I just wanted to be able to work flexibly, initially to work around and be there for my boys when they needed me but now I do for my health and work life balance because I am addicted to it. I really don’t have that really creative brain that designs or creates a new really useful product but I do enjoy helping others brainstorm ideas to add to their existing product or service base to grow their small business.

The amazing bonuses of working from home...

If you are already working from home or in small business you would know that the big bonus of starting a business from home is there are such low overheads that it is not so important how much income you earn to start with particularly if you are doing it part time outside your full time job.

Before you think about creating a unique product or service for your home based small business you need to consider where you are and whether you would be able to take on more work? Do you have enough work, not enough or too much?

The thing with being in small business I always had these really fabulous ideas but I was always so busy and then nothing got done that well. It took me some time to realise that I needed to get support from others. Before I did this I needed to systemise and consolidate everything that needed to be done. Once I had other people helping me I had the space and time to think about taking the business to the next level and that was usually by adding a product or service.

How do I know what additional product or service would suit me and my business?

I have put together a template to help you brainstorm what additional product or service could suit you and your business and it can be downloaded here:

Worksheet for adding Additional Products

Download, print and complete the worksheet and if you have any thoughts or questions please contact me.

My top 5 unique home based small business ideas

There are so many ideas for unique home based small business ideas for those who are thinking about starting their own home based business. I love that there is an opportunity for anyone with any type of passion and once you know what you love, enjoy and are good at you can then find a place for earning some additional income to support your family or work around your kids.

1.       Tinder for Dogs – what a great idea particularly if your small business is in IT. We all know that those that own dogs love them unconditionally and wants to have a playmate for them and what better way to find a local playmate for your best friend. If you are not sure about how to create an app there are a lot of online contractors through Upwork that could create an app for you about anything.

2.       Coffin Decorator – are you an artist looking for another way to make money in your small business? Why not decorate coffins for people who have lost loved ones and want to send them off in a beautiful way. All you need to do is get some relationships with the local funeral directors and let them know you are available and you have another stream of income for your business.

3.       Trees of Steel – I hate having to maintain my yard particularly when I am really busy … it is the last thing I want to do, so naturally I really liked this one. Instead of having real trees in your yard we can buy statues of trees! This is something that you could link up with landscape supply yards and plant nurseries if you want to sell them locally or sell them online and have the manufacturer send it straight out to your clients.

4.       Forum posting contractor – there are a lot of businesses that need to grow their google rankings and the best way to do this is to increase external links from forums and directories. If you are into online work this could be a good service for you to add to your current services.

5.       Family history researcher – do you like researching and following a trail to find information? This is a real skill and although there are online websites for this and lots of people are interested it is not that simple even for those of us who are tech savvy.

After owning and managing small to medium businesses for over 18 years Tammy Love is Ms Small Biz -- she has a love/hate relationship with business! She knows first hand that it is really exciting to grow something and provide the best possible service/product for customers but yet it can also be tiring, hard and down right exhausting! She also knows how lonely that it can be being a business owner. She is using her website | Facebook page and Twitter to help others achieve their dream of starting or getting through the beast that is small business!

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