Microsoft Small Business Accounting

Microsoft Small Business Accounting

Because of the growing number of small businesses cropping up the business sector, the need to have a integrated & easy to understand way on which business people can keep track of their accounting.

This is where MS small business accounting comes in. MS business accounting is an easy to install downloadable software that can be used by anyone because of its easy to understand features. It is a huge leap from the current use of Microsoft word & Microsoft excel.

MS business accounting or office SBA as it is more popularly known offers the ability to track sales & customer accounts, banking & financial reports. This can also be linked to plans that can be linked to credit card services, banking online, & check & forms suppliers. This can also be integrated with a special version of ADP’s online payroll services for keeping track with employee payrolls.

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Because of the easy to understand & use capabilities of the Microsoft small business accounting, almost everyone can use it; even non-accounting individuals can use this.

One of the best features of using MS small business accounting is that, although it can be used as one application, it can also be used together with Microsoft Office & Microsoft Outlook, together, they are bundled to form the Microsoft Office for Small Business Management.

With the integrated application, you can use Word to easily add custom logos to your invoices, use Excel to transfer financial data & calculation formulas, and then send those information’s to office SBA to come up with your invoice & bill for your customer. You can also track chargeable hours of service personnel by converting Outlook appointments to billable time in Office SBA.

The use of this application is best for individuals looking to find an easy to understand & use application in keeping track of the financial aspects of a small business.

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