Welcome to Ms Small Businesses!

Welcome to Ms Small Businesses! My name is Tammy and I created this site to help you on your journey of growing your business. 

Marketing .... finding low cost ways to market your business especially online can be an easy and affordable way to take your business to the next level.

Finance ... focusing on your finances can make or break the growth of your smallbiz. Ensuring that you are getting value for money, managing your cash flow and keeping your records tidy and up to date will help you grow your business without too much stress.

Hiring Employees ... finding the right employees at the right price will allow you to spend more time with those you love doing things that you want to do. Total work life balance isn't always achievable in business but you can do it. Hiring employees or virtual assistants effectively is your best way to achieve this.

Small Business Opportunity


When we first consider starting our own small business there are so many opportunities to consider that it is hard to narrow it down to just focus on one. How do you know whether to start your own small business or buy into a franchise system. Find out more about how to work this out for you here.


Small Business Finance


Only about 20% of smallbiz startups make it past their first year. Generally this is because the business idea hasn’t been thought through before starting and this then leads to cash flow problems. Find out more about setting up the right finance for your business here.


Small Business Ideas

Ideas to Grow

Every entrepreneur or business owner has lots of ideas and reasons for starting their own business. But, if the business idea hasn’t been thought through thoroughly before starting there is a chance that you will become a statistic. Here you will find more about researching your new business idea before investing your time and money into it.


Small Business Marketing


Description When you start a small business nobody knows you. You need to have a good understanding of marketing so that you can get your business, products and/or services out into the marketplace. Find out more about the marketing options that are available to grow and to setup your marketing plan.


Small Business Grants


The government knows how important businesses are to the economy. Because of this they provide grants for business to grow in key areas that they think will benefit everyone in the future. Find out more about how to find and prepare for a grant application to support your business growth. 


Planning for Growth

Planning in your business is the key to success. If you have a plan, and it doesn’t have to be a massive 25 page one, you will have a guide for where you want to take your business in the future. Part of your plan is knowing the most profitable direction to take your business so that you know where to focus your attention. Click here to find out more about business plans.


Hiring Employees

Hiring Employees

Hiring employees can be one of the most difficult parts of being in business if you have never hired and fired before. It is a tricky and delicate matter and there are lots of things you need to consider. Find out more here about what you need to think about when hiring employees for your business.


Small Business Registration


All businesses have some type of registration and/or licences that they are required to apply for and hold to run their business. This will vary for different businesses. Find out more about the registrations that are required in your state.


Small Business Resources

Free Resources

Being a business owner can be lonely. It is hard but very rewarding work. This page will give you a summary of some of the essential resources available to support you in starting and growing your business.


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