25 Small Business Ideas

25 Small Business Ideas

Small Business is one that has been divided into a small size and is operated independently by a single individual or a group of individuals.

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  • The following are 25 ideas of starting a small or home based business.

  • Web Designing: - If one has a good knowledge of programming languages and capability of designing secure web sites then he/she can start a web designing business.

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping: - This is an appropriate option for those who have a good knowledge of manual as well as computerized accounting.

    Tutoring: - People having good teaching skills can start a teaching business by teaching school and college going students.

    Photography: - If one is fully skilled with operating a camera then one can start photography business. This does not require much resources as one can visit client’s place or can get a studio set in a rented accommodation.

    Gift Baskets: - Making gift baskets is creative and popular small business or home based business option. One can sell these baskets online by reaching the targeted audience to experience increase in sales. • Computer Repairing: - People with good knowledge of computer hardware and troubleshooting having enough knowledge to repair circuit board can start the business of computer repairing.

  • Cleaning Services: - One can start the business of cleaning services by offering the services to residential as well as commercial buildings.

  • Consulting Services: - If you are an expert in a particular industry like IT, Telecom, Marketing etc. you can definitely start your own business of consulting services. The best environment for marketing these services online is at oDesk

  • Yoga Instructor: - Persons having good knowledge of yoga can start business as yoga instructor at home or can have a rented accommodation for this.

  • Apart from these, various other small business ideas are Business Coaching, Medical Transcription, Remodeling, Interior & Exterior Designing, Custom Jewelry Creation, Child Care Services, Personal Chef, Office/Home Organizer, Personal Trainer, Restaurant Delivery Services, T-Shirts Designing, Weeding Planner, Mobile Pet Groom Services and Medical Claim Billing.
  • After owning and managing small to medium businesses for over 18 years Tammy Love is Ms Small Biz -- she has a love/hate relationship with business! She knows first hand that it is really exciting to grow something and provide the best possible service/product for customers but yet it can also be tiring, hard and down right exhausting! She also knows how lonely that it can be being a business owner. She is using her website | Facebook page and Twitter to help others achieve their dream of starting or getting through the beast that is small business!

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