Small Business Grants

Looking for small business grants to start or grow your own small business? Then look here ... the government is giving excellent incentives for small businesses currently in the current economic climate.

Whether you are in business now or if you are looking at starting your own small business there are various grants available to help you by various state and federal governments.

Types of grants that may be available to you include:

  • Innovations in business
  • Job Creation
  • Disability funding

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    SmallBiz Grants Plan

    How to apply for government grants

    What do government departments look for when giving grants? They want to see:

  • Passion and enthusiasm of the owner/s
  • Clarity and understanding of where the business is going in the future
  • A VERY clear business plan
  • Long term goals

    They want to see that their money is going to a business that is going to be around for the future not just wasted on a project that is not going to give them or the economy some return for their investment.

    In some cases they will want the small business to invest up to 50% capital for the project and this gives them some guarantees that you are committed to the project by putting up your own money.

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    Where to find more information

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