Top 10 Small Home Base Business Opportunity

Top 10 Small Home Base Business Opportunity Overview :

I started my home based business after I had my first baby and there are so many benefits to starting out this way. You may need some extra income to support your maternity leave or you may not want to completely get out of the workforce but going back to work straight after having your baby is not what you want to do. That was exactly where I was 16 years ago. I started out in bookkeeping but moved on and developed my business as he got older and was more self sufficient.

Are you having a hard time thinking of a small home based business opportunity that suits you? Think of what your interests and hobbies are, or what skills and abilities you possess. Do you like to read? Maybe, you could start an online bookstore. Do you play a musical instrument? You could probably teach students that instrument a few times a week. Taking your skill set and passions into consideration can help you go the right way and figure out what type of small home based opportunity to pursue. If you stick to your passions it has a much greater chance of success.

Here is a list my top 10 small home base business opportunities that you might like to think about:

 Food or catering

People need food to live, so there is always a market for any kind of good catering or food business. You can start by contracting family members or friends to hire you for their parties or gatherings.

 Virtual Assistance

There are a lot of administrative tasks that can be completed on a computer from anywhere. Websites like Upwork can get you set up in the online world where you can start working as a virtual assistant in an hour or so.

 Cleaning services

This can include house cleaning, lawn mowing, pool cleaning, but things like ironing can be done in your own home around your babies sleeping time.

 Business consulting

Following on from the Virtual Assistance if you have experience in business services you could consult to organisations and complete the work around you life. Eventually you could also offer your services to other people aspiring to become small home based business owners.

Social media/SEO

Something else that is very important for businesses today to be active on social media and apply the correct SEO strategies to market themselves. This is also something that can be done from anywhere and can be systemised to be completed at anytime of the day


You can build an online profile and portfolio by uploading your photos to a blog. You could become a wedding photographer or take family photos. This can be marketed through your groups of friends and at schools and daycares.

 Bed & breakfast

This is perfect for those that have several rooms in their houses or an unoccupied pool house. AirBnB is massive these days and people are trying to find ways to reduce their travel costs.

 Clothing repair

Learning some basic sewing techniques and constant practice can be very useful.

 Wedding planner

If you love organising family events, you might want to try planning on a larger scale and get paid. This can be worked around weekends when family are home to take care of little ones.


If you have a solid background in understanding the school curriculum and are patient enough to help struggling students with understanding different educational concepts, this might be a good small home base business opportunity for you.

After owning and managing small to medium businesses for over 18 years Tammy Love is Ms Small Biz -- she has a love/hate relationship with business! She knows first hand that it is really exciting to grow something and provide the best possible service/product for customers but yet it can also be tiring, hard and down right exhausting! She also knows how lonely that it can be being a business owner. She is using her website | Facebook page and Twitter to help others achieve their dream of starting or getting through the beast that is small business!

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