101 Starting a Small Business Ways

101 Starting a Small Business Ways:

Starting and running a small business involves motivation, determination and careful planning about future of the business. The below mentioned are some critical steps to set up small business successfully and lucratively.

  • Identifying Opportunity – Identification of best business opportunity is an immobilizing job when it comes to selecting from a large number of business opportunities available. It is essential to identify the business opportunity according to ones knowledge, passion and understanding of any particular industry. It is also important to choose a budding business rather than entering into any vanishing industries.
  • Building A Small Business Plan – The next and another important step is to build a small business plan that includes an executive summary, marketing analysis, operational plans and financial plans. A small business plan also allows a better understanding of small business structure type.
  • Finding Capital – To start up a business irrespective of its size, a need of some investment is always there. So, the one who is going to start a small business can think of borrowing the money from friends or family also. The main sources of business funding are bank loans, lenders and investors.
  • Name the Business – This is an essential step to set up small business. Choose a business name different from competitors that will give support to branding of business.
  • Selecting Small Business Structure – One has to choose small business structure carefully because it impacts the fund ability, business liability and taxes. The main small business structures that one can consider are sole proprietorship, LLC (Limited Liability Company or Corporation), Partnership, LLC Partnership and Corporation etc.
  • Getting Permits and Licenses – Setting up a small business involves some essential regulations and paperwork. According to selected small business structure, one may require registering the company with the state authorities and also may require EIN (Employer Identification Number). Further paperwork can involve zoning permit, sales tax license etc.

Various other tips to start up small business are determining and setting up the location of a business, getting business insurance and developing an accounting method.

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